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Building a flat store "apart" Rooms/image

  • Flat type

    A tatami-shaten guest room with 2 intervals between the Japanese and Western styles that you can spend spaciously.
    As much as you want, take a bath of beautiful skin with a private outdoor bath whenever you like.
    Enjoy private time with important people.
    Number of floors
    1st floor
  • Maisonette type

    Maisonette type room with bedroom on the second floor.
    You can fully enjoy the beautiful skin water with a private outdoor bath.
    Please enjoy your private time with your loved ones.
    Number of floors
    Second floor

Number of rooms

Total number of rooms 9:Designer's Tsuchiya + 5 Western rooms / Designer Maisonette + 4 Western rooms /

Standard room facilities

Room only private outdoor bath / toilet / air conditioning / television / empty refrigerator


Hand towel / toothbrush·Toothpaste / bath towel / shampoo / rinse / soap / yukata / shaving

Credit cards available locally

Payment of credit cards can not be done on site.

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